About Wiser Now

Our primary goal is to help you become and stay connected to your fellow human beings and to your own active mind.

One of the most indisputable keys to healthy aging, as proven by hundreds of studies, is that having strong social connections — family and friendships — increases both longevity and well-being. In all we do, Wiser Now aims to strengthen those connections.

  • Wiser Now has four product areas to help you:

  • 1. Mind Play downloadable booklets designed to positively stimulate your mind and engage you in conversation with others. Mind Play booklets
  • 2. Letters for Elders provides friendly, safe, memory-stirring letters that arrive twice a week via the U.S. Postal Service. Letters for Elders

3. Books, advice and resources for families and professional caregivers. Caregiving

4. Interactive presentations and curriculum development on topics of dementia, Alzheimer’s and aging well. Staff Development

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