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by Kathy Laurenhue on May 24, 2012

MindPlay Connections™ is our core product

ebook A playground for your mind!

MindPlay Connections™ is a series of printable trivia quizzes, word games, discussion topics   and reminiscence/imaginative exercises that are currently offered in downloadable form according to themes (pets, love, inventions, holidays, etc.).

Each title offers 25 – 35 pages and is packed with 12 – 20 exercises!

  • All are designed to help you have fun stimulating your own mind as well as to engage you in enjoyable conversation with others. As the name suggests, each is a playground for your mind.
  1. Order individually in our store for only $6.95 each or 6 for $34.75 or 12 for $69.50.*
  2. Subscribe to automatically receive your monthly issue in your email account at only $69.50 for a full year, which is the equivalent of getting two months free.

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