Your blind spot: In honor of the Chinese New Year of the Rabbit

by Kathy Laurenhue on February 3, 2011

Continuing our conversation about vision of a few days ago, and honoring all New Year rabbits, please note:

All of us have a blind spot in our vision, which we automatically “fill in” with adjacent colors and textures. We usually go through life blissfully unaware of this blind spot, in part because of our binocular vision, which combines what each eye sees. But you can find your blind spot with the illustration below. 



Close your right eye and hold the paper about 12 inches or 30 cm away (or back up from your computer screen). Focus your gaze on the magician’s hat as you slowly move the page (or screen) toward your left eye. At some point the rabbit will disappear altogether. That’s your blind spot.  To find the blind spot in your right eye, close your left eye and focus on the rabbit until the hat disappears.

Note: For those who have highly unequal vision in your eyes, it may be easier to find your blind spot in one eye than the other.

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